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The Studies are an ongoing series of electronic works that explore my interest in structuring sound materials from an initially visual perspective, many of which i regard as something that might be called 'Op Music', a sonic equivalent of Op Art. Diverse in character, some highly abstract, others moving through clear progressions and processes of evolution and development, these Studies are all entirely synthetic, sculpted from raw electronic sounds without use of existing sound materials. As in much of my earlier work, the juxtaposition of pitch and noise and the reappraisal of what defines each (and their boundaries) continue to be recurring features of these pieces, along with an examination of the sound space, occupying monaural, stereo and multi-channel environments.

Beginning in late 2016, collections of the Studies are being released in a series of digital-only EPs, with accompanying artwork by the Polish generative artist Tomasz Sulej, whose work i find inspiring and beautiful, and which makes a perfect analogue for the soundworld of the Studies. For more information, visit the Shop.