Selected writings & articles

The majority of my written output can be found on 5:4, the contemporary music blog i have been writing since 2008.

"Abstract music from the soul", (published in Estonian), Sirp, 19 May 2023

"Music and real-life", liner notes for Henrik Hellstenius - Places of Sounds and Words, LAWO, December 2022

"The 10 Symphonies of Erkki-Sven Tüür" (published in Estonian), Sirp, 23 September 2022

"The Baltic Music Days: Language, identity, personality" (published in Estonian), Sirp, 28 May 2021

"Liminal (un)reality", liner notes for Gunnar Geisse - TRIPTYCH, NEOS, November 2020

"Reading the surface: an introduction to Muohta", Lydkilder (ed. Hild Borchgrevink), Pelikanen, November 2020

"Son e(s)t Lumière: Expanding notions of composition, transcription and tangibility through creative sonification of digital images", in Sound and Image: Aesthetics and Practices, Routledge, June 2020

"Making connections to Baltic personalities" (published in Estonian), Sirp, 4 October 2019

"Music Beyond Airports: appraising ambient music" (co-editor with Monty Adkins), The University of Huddersfield Press, July 2019

"Which was the out of place 'other'?" (published in Estonian), Sirp, 24 May 2019

"The Dialogues: Anna Þorvaldsdóttir", 5:4, 27 April 2019

"Holy Things", Dissonance, No. 143, September 2018

"Intense, uncompromising and raw" (published in Estonian), Sirp, 13 July 2018

"A Conversation with Monty Adkins", Tempo, Vol. 72 No. 285, July 2018

"Beyond mere novelty", Dissonance, No. 142, March 2018

"Interpretations of holiness" (published in Estonian), Sirp, 27 April 2018

"Working towards utopia: Stockhausen’s epic vision and the development of aus LICHT", Bachtrack, 21 March 2018

"Learning to Lose Control: Composition, Computation and Collaboration with CloudCube ", paper presented at 2nd Computer Simulation of Musical Creativity conference, September 2017, The Open University

"Ingenuity and Inadequacy", Sounds Like Now, Issue 3, July 2017

"The film music of John Williams: the makings of an aesthetic", Bachtrack, 17 May 2017

"Predictable unpredictable", Dissonance, No. 137, March 2017

"Cloud Triptych: an exploration of stochastic movement between discrete musical behaviours", thesis accompanying Ph.D. composition portfolio, November 2016 (revised March 2017)

"Michael Finnissy at 70: a Metier retrospective" - Part 1 (Vocal music), Part 2 (Chamber music), Part 3 (Piano music), 5:4, August 2016 / December 2016 / March 2017

"Beguiling/bemusing, pretentious/profound: the continuing challenge of Wandelweiser", 5:4, 9 February 2017

"Towards an embodiment of compositional practice: the ongoing evolution of CloudCube", paper presented at 1st Computer Simulation of Musical Creativity conference, June 2016, Huddersfield University

"Pop Wall Alphabet: an introduction", Pop Wall Alphabet, Marko Ciciliani (private publication, 2015); also published in Seiltanz, Issue 12, April 2016

"Paradoxes everywhere", liner notes for Kenneth Kirschner - Compressions & Rarefactions, 12K, July 2015

"Change, chance, character - the use and development of probabilistic 'singularities'", paper presented at Music and/as Process Conference, May/June 2014, Canterbury Christ Church University

"Determined/Indeterminate: An Exploration of the Music of Kenneth Kirschner" and "Conversation: Simon Cummings and Kenneth Kirschner", Imperfect Forms: The Music of Kenneth Kirschner (ed. Tobias Fischer), Tokafi, December 2014

"Giving voice to the indescribable: Aaron Cassidy - The Crutch of Memory", 5:4, 28 May 2012

"Tokaido Road", Opera, Vol. 65 No. 9, September 2011

"A reflection of dreams: the music of Unsuk Chin", La Tempestad, Vol. 13 No. 78, May–June 2011

"Kraftwerk: a remastered retrospective", 5:4, 8 November 2009