Selected writings & articles

The majority of my written output can be found on 5:4, the new music blog i have been writing since 2008.

"Learning to Lose Control: Composition, Computation and Collaboration with CloudCube ", paper presented at 2nd Computer Simulation of Musical Creativity conference, September 2017, The Open University

"The film music of John Williams: the makings of an aesthetic", Bachtrack, 17 May 2017

"Cloud Triptych: an exploration of stochastic movement between discrete musical behaviours", thesis accompanying Ph.D. composition portfolio, November 2016 (revised March 2017)

"Towards an embodiment of compositional practice: the ongoing evolution of CloudCube", paper presented at 1st Computer Simulation of Musical Creativity conference, June 2016, Huddersfield Unviersity

"Pop Wall Alphabet - an introduction", Pop Wall Alphabet, Marko Ciciliani (private publication, 2015); also published in Seiltanz, Issue 12, April 2016

"Paradoxes everywhere", liner notes for Compressions & Rarefactions, Kenneth Kirschner (12K, 2015)

"Change, chance, character - the use and development of probabilistic 'singularities'", paper presented at Music and/as Process Conference, May/June 2014, Canterbury Christ Church University

"Determined/Indeterminate: An Exploration of the Music of Kenneth Kirschner" and "Conversation: Simon Cummings and Kenneth Kirschner", Imperfect Forms: The Music of Kenneth Kirschner, ed. Tobias Fischer (Tokafi, 2014)

"Giving voice to the indescribable: Aaron Cassidy - The Crutch of Memory", 5:4, 28 May 2012

"Tokaido Road", Opera, Vol. 65 No. 9, September 2011

"A reflection of dreams: the music of Unsuk Chin", La Tempestad, Vol. 13 No. 78, May–June 2011

"Kraftwerk: a remastered retrospective", 5:4, 8 November 2009