Chorus angelorum te suscipiat(In Paradisum²)
for orchestra
Programme note

Chorus angelorum te suscipiat is the second in a trilogy of pieces that began with my piano work In Paradisum. It is an orchestral re-working of the piano version, an expansion alluded to in the subtitle "(In Paradisum²)". The final work in the trilogy, æternam habeas requiem (In Paradisum³) will be an electronic re-working of both pieces.

As a whole, the trilogy is the final expression of the bereavement following my Father's death. In contrast to earlier works exploring that theme—Orbus.  (Fragment) for string quartet and gravest one for solo cello—this piece is an entirely positive, affirmative statement.


3 flutes (1 & 2 = piccolo)
3 oboes (3 = cor anglais)
3 B-flat clarinets (1 = E-flat clarinet, 3 = bass clarinet)
3 bassoons (2 & 3 = contrabassoon)

4 horns
3 trumpets
3 tenor-bass trombones

timpani – 2 drums: 31-inch & 33-inch (for low C)
percussion – 2 players: I. tubular bells/vibraphone/crotales; II. 4 tam-tams (medium to very deep)/bass drum (very deep)


strings (at least two double basses require low C)