February 24, 2013
for live electronics
Programme note

February 24, 2013 is a software-based indeterminate composition. Through the use of built-in chance procedures, the piece is both indeterminate in composition (it will be different on each listening), and indefinite in duration (the piece will play continuously for as long as the listener wishes). To start the piece, press the play button that appears below. When the stop button is pressed, the piece will fade out. If the play button does not appear below, please update your Flash plug-in.

This piece is based on the procedures and processes of the series of indeterminate works by Kenneth Kirschner, which were created in collaboration with Flash programmer Craig Swann.

Please note the sounds used in the piece are very quiet, and most use extremely high or low frequencies. For best results, the piece should be heard through good loudspeakers with an absolute minimum of background noise; neither laptop speakers nor headphones will deliver the intended effect.

For offline listening, a ZIP file containing all the necessary data can be downloaded here.