Dither · Pother · Roil

Dither, Pother & Roil began life in a series of improvisations made in early 2008, but the recordings were subsequently lost & forgotten until four years later. Having discovered them & realised their potential, i then spent nine months reworking & developing those original improvisations into their final, very elaborate forms, together lasting around 49 minutes.

There are ways in which this trio of works relates to & draws upon both the techniques & sentiments of my earlier electronic music. There are echoes of the shifting abstractions of the Simulated Music cycle, as well as the large-scale sculptural elementalism heard in the Ceiling stared at me but i beheld only the Stars & ‘Icon’, the central panel in Triptych, May/July 2009. But above all, Dither, Pother & Roil explore (for me) new methods & an expanded mode of expression. To a greater extent than is usual in my work, they are pieces that must speak for themselves; it will be abundantly clear that they are visceral, violent, unrestrained & at times relentless, but beyond this the titles—carefully chosen for their allusive qualities & connotations—must be sufficient to 'explain' their meaning. This is mirrored in the accompanying artwork, by the talented young American artist Claire Uhle, a painting that seems to encapsulate everything that Dither, Pother & Roil are seeking to express.

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