HELP/ME: the soul-machine of the cosmology of grief
for 16 players
Programme note

Due to the intensely personal nature of this work, in lieu of a more conventional programme note, the below quotations—taken from the cyberpunk poetry of Kenji Siratori—appear in the score at the start of each section, and may go some way to elaborate the music. The seven sections are preceded by a wild opening declamation (based on an old hymn tune), marked “tough and overbearing; like an aggressively demented church organ”.

“the picture of the chloroform that respires the malice of the grief of a cell is observed as if i love it”
“I copy the life that the soft storage of myself receives the quickening of the replicant murder that break down the grief of the end of the world”
“the locus of the love of the clone that quiesced”
“the emotional circuit of the ADAM doll short... the horizon of her chromosome toward... the time axis of demolition line”
“the octave of the grief of the clone that leapt to the remainder of night sky”
“fuck junk to the angel mechanism crunch ... apoptosis season of the chromosome of yourself the scream”
“the language line of artificial play human-genome yourself of the sun self-consolation in the world of the disillusionment lost the past!”

After the final barline, this quotation follows, encapsulating the piece:

“ADAM doll_desire_death_latency x awakening_impossibility = death”


2 alto flutes (1 = piccolo, 2 = flute)
2 bass clarinets (1 = E-flat clarinet, 2 = B-flat clarinet)

B-flat trumpet
bass trombone

percussion (2 players): 2 timpani, small triangle, anvil, sizzle cymbal, lion's roar (string drum), bass drum, 2 bongos, flexatone, very deep tam-tam

2 violas
2 cellos
2 double basses